Third Street Aleworks

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Third Street Aleworks

Third Street Aleworks

Third Street Aleworks BrewingThird Street Aleworks balances tradition with experimentation. They gravitate towards “Anglo-Celtic” ales and more aggressive “West Coast” style ales, but they also brew tasty lagers, lager-ale hybrids, and many other beers that don’t neatly fit into any one category..


Puddle Jumper Pale

A true American Pale Ale, light golden color with clean malt flavors, and the refreshing aroma of Simcoe hops. Medium in body, aromatic, and very hoppy. ABV: 5.7%

Bombay Rouge Red IPA

Combines the deep red color of a substantially malty ale with an IPA hopping profile. The combination creates a unique West Coast drinking experience. ABV: 6.7%

Bodega Head IPA

This IPA recreates the stylistic ideas of the 1800’s. High alcohol and aggressive hop characteristics are matched with a dry malt background and finish. ABV: 7.1%