Sweet Leaf Tea

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Sweet Leaf

Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf TeaThe perfect balance of organic tea leaves and fresh ingredients.


Original Sweet Tea

The perfect balance of premium, all-natural black tea and pure, organic cane sugar.

Mint and Honey Green Tea

A flavorful infusion of spearmint leaves and touch of honey in every bottle, this organic green tea is also chock-full of antioxidants (90mg EGCG).

Peach Tea

Sweet, peach flavors and premium, organic black tea with pure organic cane sugar.

Citrus Green Tea

A refreshing green tea with all-natural citrus flavors with organic tea leaves and pure cane sugar.

Half and Half Lemonade Tea

An old golf favorite that uses organic black tea leaves, organic lemonade and pure cane sugar.

Raspberry Tea

All-natural black tea leaves, pure cane sugar and raspberries unite in every bottle.

Original Coffee

This sweet pick-me-up uses the organic black tea leaves and pure cane sugar and adds organic coffee for good measure. USDA organic.