St. Feuillien Brewing

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St. Feuillien Brewing

St. Feuillien Brewing

St. Feuillien BrewingNatural top-fermenting beers without additives.
High-quality aromatic hops.
Selected malts.
Centuries-old brewing method by infusion = guaranteed authentic product.
Traditional fermentation.
Storage in horizontal cylindrical vats for 1 month.
Secondary fermentation in the bottle for at least fifteen days.

Fourth generation of brewers for the Friart family but still the same passion and know-how.



Sparkling orangish-golden in color with a brilliant white foam.  Highly aromatic with vivid hop resins.  The flavor is bright, leanly malty, spicy and hoppy.  ABV: 8.5%

Grand Cru

A full, dense, white head of foam, lacy and beautiful.  Very pale in color, brilliantly bright and appetizingly golden.  This brew has a delicate nose full of subtle hops and fruit with a backdrop of malt and honey.  Very dry on the palate, firm in body, and well-attenuated with a pleasant fruity bitterness and wonderful toasted malt character. ABV: 9.5%


A rich, dark brown ale, sort of like a super Dubbel.  Deep russet in color with a light tan foam.  The aroma is fruity and sweet, with hints of dried fruit and nuts.  On the palate, Brune is slightly sweet and malty, finishing surprisingly firm and dry. ABV: 8.5%


This light ale has a deep golden color with a smooth, frothy head.  It is very perfumed with an unmistakable hint of aromatic hops and a fruity (citrus) note from the spices used in production.  ABV: 7.5%


A warm, golden blonde with a beautiful farmhouse character featuring hints of melon and apricot.  Full-bodied, fruity and yeasty, Saison has a rugged, charming character with a lot of flavor.  ABV: 6.5%