Social Kitchen and Brewery

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Social Kitchen and Brewer

Social Kitchen and Brewery

Social Kitchen and BrewerBased in the Inner Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco, California, Social Kitchen produces delicious and unique brews for the craft beer enthusiast.


SKB Pilsner

An extra crisp, refreshing, and sparkling Pils with with an understated complexity.  House lager strain ferments our blend of pilsner malts clean and dry creating a classic bready undertone.  German Tettnanger, Hersbruker, and Mittelfrue hops give this beer a bouquet of orange spice, rose petals, tropical flowers and perfume.  IBU: 25, ABV: 5.0%


A fruity and deceptively smooth Belgian Golden Ale. House Belgian yeast strain provides flavors of mint, bubblegum, and unripened banana.  A touch of honey grain flavor and a floral hop spice accent the wonderful yeast flavors in this beer. IBU: 15, ABV: 7.5%