Schneider Weisse

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Schneider Weisse

Schneider Weisse

Schneider WeisseFor centuries, wheat beer in Bavaria could only be brewed in royal breweries. By 1872, wheat beer had declined in popularity and, seeing an opportunity, royal brewer Georg Schneider purchased the brewing rights from the Bavarian King Ludwig II, rescuing the style from near extinction. Over 140 years later, the brewery still uses his same recipe and open fermentation process.



The full complexity of the genuine Bavarian wheat beer using an open fermentation process, notes of bananas, nutmeg and freshly roasted bread are present. ABV: 5.4%


A full-bodied and malty doppelbock with notes of raisins, plum and marzipan. ABV:8.2%


A hoppy wheat beer of floral aroma with flavors of fresh hops, tropical fruit and pineapple. ABV: 8.2%


An Oktoberfest beer using only USDA certified organic ingredients.  A fruity, slightly drier wheat beer that showcases fresh hops, citrus and honey.  ABV: 6.2%


A very strong brew with powerful aromas and an intense flavor.  Aromas of ripe plums give way to flavors of figs, clove and licorice.  ABV: 12.0%