Petaluma Hills Brewing

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Petaluma Hills Brewing

Petaluma Hills Brewing

Mixing a love of beer with a passion for creating and a couple of decades as a home brewer, Petaluma Hills Brewing Company was born.  All originating from home brew recipes, each beer is named to evoke that which is Petaluma and all that northern California has to offer.



British pale and brown malts are complimented with a mixture of English and German hops. Saaz hops working their shift after the British ale yeast make Porterluma a very flavorful and easy-drinking ale. IBU: 33, ABV: 5.1%

Big House Blonde

This Belgian style Blonde Ale is made with Belgian pilsen and Belgian aromatic malts plus lots of East Kent Goldings hops for lots of flavor. However, it’s the Belgian Abbey yeast that defines this ale, adding a spicy bonus to a crisp, clean taste. IBU: 24, ABV: 6.2%

Line and Twine IPA

Combines the biscuity creaminess of Maris Otter malt with the subtle use of Columbus hops to produce a slightly bitter, clean ale. East Kent Goldings and Mosaic hops finish the mix to produce a very well balanced, very drinkable, IPA with nice mango & apricot notes. IBU: 39, ABV: 7.7%

Red Tag Ale

A rich mixture of specialty malts added to a base British pale malt infuses this Irish style Red Ale with a deep flavor and a subtle red color. English hops and an Irish yeast ensure that the malts carry the day for the ale. IBU: 20, ABV: 5.4%

East Side Bitter

This highly hopped ESB balances extra maltiness from British pale and caramel malts, flavorful English and German hops, and low carbonation to produce a very drinkable alternative to over-bittered IPAs. The East Side Bitter starts bitter and finishes smooth. IBU: 44, ABV: 5.3%

Triple J

A Belgian style Tripel made with a complex mix of German and Czech hops that layer nicely over Belgian pilsen and Belgian aromatic malts. A Trappist yeast adds spiciness and aroma to provide a well-rounded drink. IBU: 36, ABV: 8.5%

Old Adobe Stout

Made with British pale malt and black barley, with white wheat malt added to ensure a smooth, creamy head. Opaque black in color, this classic Dry Stout is meaty and very drinkable. IBU: 35, ABV: 4.1%

Rivertown Brown

A mix of British and American pale malts along with with Munich, Chocolate, and some wheat malt for a smooth mouth feel. With traditional English flavor and aroma hops, Rivertown Brown is meant to be an easy drinking Ale. IBU: 22, ABV: 4.3%