Mike Hess Brewing

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Mike Hess Brewing

Mike Hess Brewing

Mike Hess BrewingMike Hess Brewing is one of the premier craft breweries in San Diego.  As the city’s first production nano-brewery – and its 33rd brewery – in 2010, Mike Hess Brewing quickly built a solid reputation for great beers and a unique brewery experience


Jucundus Orange Honey Wheat

Jucundus is brewed with local orange peel and more than two pounds per barrel of pure California orange-blossom honey, resulting in a smooth, crisp taste. ABV: 6.0% IBU: 24

Claritas Kölsch

A crisp and authentic German-style beer, our Claritas features light fruit-like aromatics, along with those from the malt and hops. Malt sweetness is balanced by enough hop bitterness to end with a dry, clean finish.  ABV: 5.8% IBU: 28

Grazias Vienna Cream Ale

A twist on the old-world classic Vienna lager, Grazias is smooth, malty and perfectly balanced with Noble hops. It has a creamy, smooth texture, and the malt contributes chocolate, vanilla and slightly toasted flavors that play off the German hops for a sublime flavor and a surprisingly dark color. ABV: 6.3% IBU: 30

Solis IPA

An unique San Diego-style IPA – Every batch is unique and always 7.5%. Hop-forward, bone-dry, light-colored and sure to satisfy craft fans and hop heads. Masterfully combining 2-row and other malts, along with new hops or unique hop combinations. ABU: 7.5% IBU: 85

Habitus Double India Pale Ale

Winner of the gold at the 2014 World Beer Cup® in the rye beer category, Habitus is a very drinkable, high gravity, crisp and spicy rye IPA, hopped generously throughout the brew process and then dry-hopped with over a pound per barrel of Sterling and Chinook hops. Earthy and spicy notes from both the hops and the rye malt, complimented by the floral and piney aromatics. ABU: 8.0% IBU: 100