La Trappe

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La Trappe

La Trappe

La TrappeLa Trappe is genuinely brewed ale. But it tastes of more than that.
When you taste it carefully, you recognise the most important ingredient that is inextricably connected to the monks. The tranquillity.



Deep russet in color with deep sweet and spicy notes in the aroma.  Very full bodied, sweetish and malty, but finishes with a drinkable balance.  ABV: 10%


Rich caramel malt flavors and a subtle sweetness make for a Tripel on the malty side.  ABV: 8.0%


HRuby red and full-bodied with beautiful notes of dried fruit, tobacco and a surprisingly spritely, dry finish.  ABV: 7%


Originally brewed to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Abbey at Koningshoeven and named after its first brewer, Brother Isidorus.  Amber in color, fruity and full flavored on the palate with a sweety, malty nose.


This unique seasonal product is the world’s only Trappist bock ale. Brewed exclusively with natural ingredients, this ale post-ferments slightly in its bottle. It has a deep red colour, an intensely rich taste, and a malty aroma. Aromatic hop varieties and types of burnt malt render this ale its delicate bitterness that blends surprisingly well with its slightly sweet undertone. ABV: 7.0%