Iron Springs Brewing

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Iron Springs Brewing

Iron Springs Brewing

Iron Springs BrewingIron Springs is a locally owned and operated pub and brewery located in Fairfax, California. With great beers, all hand made from scratch, the ales are lovingly hand crafted on the premises.


Epiphany Red Ale

A Pacific Northwest hoppy amber ale with floral and citrus aromas. Wheat free. ABV: 5.5%

Kent Lake Kolsch

A classic from Cologne is brewed with all German ingredients.  This light and crisp ale holds many characteristics of a lager with some tangy and tart notes. Water for this beer is locally sourced from Kent Lake. ABV: 4.5%

JC Flyer IPA

This IPA is smooth with great floral notes; big & bold, yet smooth & mellow. ABV: 6.0%

Sless Oatmeal Stout

Dark, hardy, thick, rich, roasted and chocolaty, this ale is amazingly smooth due to the generous addition of whole oats.  Named for a friend of Iron Springs and easily the finest pedal steel player around, Barry Sless, this one is layered with flavors. ABV: 7.0%

Casey Jones Imperial IPA

This double IPA has twice the hops and grains as its counterpart.  Significant floral, citrus, and peppery notes on the nose, yet even with the enormous hop profile, the huge grain bill results in a very well balanced brew. ABV: 9.3%