Chimay Brewing

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Chimay Brewing

Chimay Brewing

Chimay Brewing

A small group of monks came to settle on the wild plateau of Scourmont, near Chimay, in the summer of 1850.

A farm, brewery, and dairy soon sprang up around the monastery.

Scourmont Abbey has developed a range of economic activities, thereby boosting regional employment.

Chimay ales belong to the select set of ales recognized to be authentic Trappist ales.

These ales are the products of years of brewing history. Their particular personalities come from their special yeasts and the purity of the abbey’s well water.



Trappist beer that possesses a beautiful coppery color.  Topped with a creamy head, it gives off a slight fruity apricot smell from the fermentation.  The aroma felt in the mouth is a balance confirming the fruit nuances revealed to the sense of smell.  ABV: 7.0%

Cinq Cents

Of a golden color, the Trappist beer combines sweet and bitter in a rare balance.  The beer’s aroma felt in the mouth comes from the hops’ perfumes: above all, they are fruity touches of Muscat grapes and raisins, even ripe apples.  ABV: 8.0%

Grand Reserve

A dark Trappist beer with a powerful aroma, the complex flavor improves across the years.  An authentic Belgian beer whose tinge of fresh yeast is associated with a light rosy flowery touch.  Its aroma only accents the delightful sensations revealed by the odor, all revealing a light caramelized note.  ABV: 9.0%